COVID19 & Your Wedding

As the COVID19 virus is changing the world and how we go about life, I wanted to update you with what I’m doing to help.

Digital e-cards

I am are offering all existing wedding customers the option to have a digital version of their Wedding Invitation or a Postponed E-Card free if they want to communicate a change of date, location or just a postponement to their guests via email, facebook or whatsapp. Please get in touch with me on to find out more.

Free Postponed Digital Cards

For everyone that needs it, I have designed a wedding postponed card that you can use as a digital ecard to send to your guests until you have confirmed your wedding in the future. This is going to save so many people from having to face those guests right now so instead of answering questions you don’t know the answers too just send them this card instead.

The ecard is available in the shop section.


If any of my clients want to re-print their wedding invitation please talk to me about your options first. There is other things we can do depending on if you have your invitations out or not.


I’m here, to support you in any way I can. Email me at message me on facebook or call me on 085 731 8638

To help, here are some tips and advice…

I’ve created a Postponed Wedding To-Do List that is available to download here

What to do about your wedding

What you decide to do about your wedding depends on where and when it is. Most of the worst affected countries, such as Ireland, UK, US, Italy and France have either banned all large gathering, banned flights or at home here venues have all closed. This will likely last until the end of May, June or maybe even longer.

So if your wedding is coming in the following months (March, April & May), it’s likely you will want to postpone. If your wedding is in late summer or the autumn though, then you might want to keep planning. Whatever you do, have a backup plan, contact all your suppliers to check if a second date is optional and let your guest know what’s going on as soon as you can.

Speak with your suppliers about what you’re planning, whether it’s postponing, cancelling, adjusting for fewer guests or changing venues. Ask them whether your deposit is able to be transferred to another date if your wedding is postponed, and how much time in advance of the wedding date they would need to know of a postponement.

Keep in mind that this is also a difficult period for those working in the wedding industry.

Keep updated – but take breaks from it all

Keep up to date with the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation, as well as the official government advice (and new laws) of the country where you’re getting married – and try not to panic! Constantly checking news feeds isn’t going to be good for your mental health, so get time away from screens to exercise or do something relaxing.

Think about your guests

If you are going ahead with your wedding, then be aware of guests who are most vulnerable to coronavirus – those in their 70s and those with respiratory problems.

Plan B

Whether it’s to have a smaller wedding and more social distancing, or postponing until later in the year, chat the possibilities through with your venue and suppliers and keep your guests updated. Having a backup plan is going to help you so much.

Tips for avoiding stationery reprints

Some items can be ordered if you are smart about it…

You could order the guest book for the day. Just use a title like ‘[couple’s names]’ big day – guest book’ and do without the date. Wedding Signs can also use this rule and leave out the date and venue.

Obviously, your invitations will have to include your date but I am doing all we can to help you if you do have to postpone your wedding and therefore change your invitations. I will talk to each client about this.

Also all existing clients have the option to have a digital version of their Wedding Invitation created for free if they want to communicate a change of date, location or just a postponement to their guests via email, facebook or whatsapp.

It’s a difficult time for us all and this is affecting everyone so please remember to be kind, take breaks from the news, get outside and breath in that lovely fresh air and don’t let this stress you out!

Lorraine x

P.S. If you need to send new Save the Date cards for 2021 dates there is now 20% off all cards over in the shop here.

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