Questions I get asked a lot over the years so here they are and I hope they help and if you have any questions that I haven’t covered then please do get in touch with me.

Lorraine x

Where are you based?

I like in the country side outside the village of St. Johnston. I’m very close to Letterkenny (around 10min), Derry (20mins), Donegal Town (30mins) and Strabane (15mins). So I’m quite central really for the North West area. I work out of a small studio from home, this is where the magic happens! I have a design area set up and behind me is the printing area were the printer, guillotine and all the lovely card stock is stored. Beside all that I have a craft area for making all the beautiful invitation and other stationery bits. It’s a compact area but I love it as everything I need is here in one space. As I only have this small area I’m not able to have you lovely clients over for a look around but maybe one day. I do however have time for appointments where I go out and meet all you lovelies, sometimes you like having me over for a coffee or sometimes I meet you in nearby hotels which is great because I can have all my boxes with me and there is usually loads of room to spread it all out, we can have a good chat go through everything in a relaxed environment.

What all can you do?

Well how long have you got? So let me break it down into sections. You set the date for the wedding so what do you need…

Save the Date Cards

I’ve loads of ideas of what you could do here. 

The Big One, Wedding Invitations

The IH Collection, which are ready to buy designs.

The Luxe Range, beautiful luxury pattern card designs.

The Laser Cuts, from flat to pockets there is so much to chose from.

Pocketfold and Wallets, great for adding information and personality.

Extra Information Cards/rsvps

If you have people travelling or staying in the area these are great to add in.

Next we are onto Ceremony Books

You could have a full mass, short mass or a bridal book.

Table Plans

Keeping the theme going with either the mounted board or mirror style.

Table Cards

From table numbers, thank you messages to menus.


Welcome your guests to the wedding outside the church, guest book signage options or page boy/flower girl signs.

Guest Books

From fully personalised books with note paper and envelope pockets to blank page books with personalised covers.

Thank You Cards

Lovely to finally thank those guest for attending your day.

Hen Party & Bride to be T-Shirts

I hand make beautiful T-Shirts for Brides to be and Hen Parties. Check out the shop to see the latest designs, from single T-shirts to bulk orders with Nationwide and UK delivery available.

How soon do I need to book you?

I’ve had booking 3 years in advance and 3 months. The most important piece of advice I can give anyone planning a wedding regardless of what you are booking, don’t leave it too late!

Ordering your wedding invitations 3 months before your wedding is really last minute, please don’t do this, for your own piece of mind. Give it at least 6 months, if not longer, this gives you time to tweak things and get samples to have time then to make sure you are 100% happy before confirming on the order, after this you need to finalise numbers, gather names if you are getting them printed and address too so you would like to have all this done without any stress and still have your invitations ready by the 2 month deadline or earlier if you request.

Are Invitations expensive?

Every couple getting married will have a budget, I tell couples to try and stick to this and now to go over board if you can not afford it. I have stationery ranging from €1.80 per invite up to €5.50+.

The IH Collection starts off at €180.00 for 100 Invitations and there is lots of choice in this range. 

Next step up would be The Luxe Range these are designed using luxury card stock and finished with ribbon or bellybands and start off at €365.00 to €475.00 for 100 Invitations depending on style and finish.

The Laser Cut range would be my most expensive designs in my collections and price depends on quantity, style and finish.