I know we are all in this unknown suitation in the world right now and it’s a worring time.

Alot of my clients are worried about cancelling or postponing their wedding as are a lot of people all over the world not just in Ireland.

I’m trying to reasure my clients and let them all know I’m here to help and support in any way I can…so with that in mind

I’ve designed a Wedding Postponed Card which you can download for free!

It’s only a small thing but it might just help take the pressure off if you are going to postpond your wedding and not sure how to tell everyone.

Download the card and post it up on facebook, whatsapp, email etc..let your guests know that’s it’s only postponed for now and you will fill them in at a later date once you have confirmed the details.

I hope this helps in some way

Lorraine x

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