…huge congratulations to you both, but what now?

If you either have a date in mind or not the process of wedding planning can be very scary. It’s not like planning a birthday party or family get together, this is your wedding day so you want it to be just perfect! To help you get started I’ve put together this list of things you need to check off the list and other tips you should consider. I hope this helps make the process a lot less stressful on you both.

1.Where to start

Getting started can be a very daunting prospect but it’s something you really should do sooner rather than later. Both of you may have different styles and ideas of what type of wedding day you want so the best way to make these decisions is to get out and have a good look around at what’s out there and of course what’s within your budget. Wedding Fayres are a great way to see what’s available in your local area without being under pressure to book with anyone. You get to see what they provide, how they interact with people, get prices, feel or touch the products for quality and get their info for future bookings. People also use wedding fayres to book deposits with suppliers they know they want for there wedding which is helpful when we all live busy lives and may not get time to see them until closer to the time.

2. Book your date

As soon as you decide on a date then you need to book where you want to get married so if it’s in a Church/Chapel then make an appointment to see if your date is available and get the time you also want to get married. Next stop is with your venus. If you don’t have a favourite place in mind wedding fayres are a perfect time to look around potential venues, see the rooms, check out the parking options for your guests, maybe get a bite to eat while you’re there too so you can try out the food and service. If you like a venue or two make appointments to meet with the team to get a better look and check out what they can offer you within your budget. Also think about the room itself, a lot of your wedding photos will be taken here so think about the lighting, is there pillars or anything blocking the view etc…

3. Book priority suppliers

From experience I’ve had booking up to 3 years in advance, most are between 2 – 1 years in advance now but other suppliers will book up fast so if you like a particular one then you need to book them as soon as your date is secure. Deposits/Booking Fees are the norm so be prepared to pay anything from €100 – €500 depending of course on what it is. I take deposits of €100 to secure orders as do most ofter suppliers. 

So here is a few that you need to get booking….

  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Wedding Cars
  • Hair & Make Up
  • Bands/DJ
  • Florists
  • Wedding Cake

After you have sorted all these and had time to let the idea of getting married sink in a little there is a few other bits you need to take care of next. 

1. The Budget

It’s just one of those things and it needs to be discussed. Be realistic with one another. Would family & friends help with the wedding day? If so, you need to find out exactly how much they are putting in. There is no point putting yourself both under so much pressure having a wedding day that you can’t afford so please be very careful when you start planning.

2. The Wedding Dress

Time to start searching for the one! Make a few appointments in your favourite bridal departments, gather a few friends to take with you, make sure they will be able to give you an honest opinion so choose carefully. Don’t take too many people with you as a lot of different opinions are not good as this will only confuse you more. Make sure you wear nude underwear, a bright orange bra strap poking out the side of your dream dress can put you totally off. Stop of for some breakfast before you start, it can be a long day trying on dresses so you don’t want to be hungry mid-way through the day.

3. The Wedding Party/Guest List

Ask Bridesmaid/Groomsmen as soon as you can, this means they can help with the planning process. Don’t forget this can be a very expensive and time consuming time for them so always make sure they know you appreciate them being part of your day.

The guest list can cause many an argument so it’s always a good idea to start this early and then come back to it later in the planning again to make adjustments. Think about the budget again when putting together a list, remember you are paying per head so Mary & John down the road that came to your cousins wedding, do you really need to ask them if you have never even spoke to them in years? Think about the type of wedding you both want and when you look down at your guests on your wedding day are these the people you really want to see share this moment of your lives?

These are just a few points to get the planning started, the most important thing is to enjoy this time and not to get stressed or worked up over anything. When you’re standing in your dress or picking your perfect photographer try and remember these small moments. Planning in time will also make the process a lot easier on you both and if you can pay off a little at a time so when the time comes close you don’t have any big bills that needs to be paid.

I hope you found these tips helpful and share them with your friends.

Lorraine x

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