Mrs2be Finalist 2019

OMG, when I got the news that I was nominated for the awards I was so shocked, I’m even more so now I’m a finalist! Whoop Whoop

As I said before I’m not one for entering awards because as cheesy as it sounds seeing the look on my clients faces when they receive their stationery is enough for me, but these awards are different, no public voting contest! Amazing, right? I want to be judged on my work and on my clients not just because I can get enough people to vote for me so that’s why I’m over the moon to be apart of these awards.

It’s all down to my AMAZING CLIENTS! You lovely people have spoken up for me and it’s down to you alone that I’ve made it to this stage so thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.

Working for yourself can be stressful and really really hard work but also so rewarding when things like this happen you know that all those long days and crazy hours put into this business is so worth it. There is no fortune in this business, I make enough to pay the bills doing something that I love doing and I’ve very grateful to be in this position as I know all to well what it’s like getting up on a Monday morning dreading the fact you are stuck in a job you hate but you can’t leave and counting down the days to Friday, I’ve been there!

When I started my own business it was a walk into the unknown. I didn’t know were the work was going to come out of, how I was going to manage with no regular money coming in and still to this day I have those struggles and worries but I keep going because I love this job and everyday is so different meeting and talking to new people, hearing their stories and being a small part of their journey.

So, to say I’m absolutely over the moon to be a finalist in the Mrs2Be Awards 2019 is an understatement. Thank you so so much to everyone who supported me, to all my lovely clients that reviewed my business you guys are the best!

Fingers crossed for the 24th June!


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