Wedding Mass Booklet, Bridal Books or Bridal Cards?

Wedding Mass Booklets, like the rest of your wedding stationery are vital in setting the tone and theme for your big day! Whether you are having a church or a civil ceremony, a Mass Booklet is a great keepsake for your friends and family to remember your day.

But which do you choose?

Wedding Mass Books

Wedding Mass Book

Ok, let’s start with the one we all know, the Mass Book. This is usually a 12-16 page book with the full mass details included. They are A5 in size and include every part of your wedding ceremony. This is the traditional book we all would have seen at some stage.

Half Mass Booklets

Half Mass Booklet – Tri Fold

We then have the Half Mass Booklet which is a popular one to go for. This book has the Bridal party, the Readings, Gospel, Prayers of the faithful and a small section for a thank you message. We can include some music in these also if you wish. These booklets can be folded once to A5 size or folded 3 times.

Half Mass Booklet

Bridal Books

Bridal Booklet

These Bridal Books are A5 in size but have no mass or ceremony in them. The bridal party and a thank you note are generally what’s included and sometimes we can include music/hymns.

Bridal Booklets

Bridal Cards

Bridal Cards

Our Bridal Cards are similar to the Bridal Booklets only they are smaller in size and are a flat card. Again they have the bridal party, thank you message and can include headings of the wedding ceremony,

Bridal Cards

Both the Bridal Booklet and Bridal Cards have no wedding ceremony as such and are more of a keepsake from your wedding day, whereas the Mass Book and Half Mass Book are a wedding mass ceremony book.

I know and understand the pressure of organising and planning a Wedding, so to reduce the stress and time I have a word template document ready for you to edit on which ever book or booklet you decide to go with.

Deciding on which you prefer is down to personal choice as a couple. Some people like the full mass book because of its traditional roots others prefer to go with the Bridal Cards for a more modern take, the choice is down to you.

If you would like to order any Ceremony Books with me please be aware there is a 2-3 weeks lead time before your wedding date so please book in early so you can worry less about these on the lead up to your wedding date. You can email me your text to get started on proofs.

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