Wedding Table Plans Do’s and Don’t

So you’re having a table plan for your wedding day, that doesn’t have to be as scary as you think! There’s the prospect of family or friends (who haven’t spoken in a while) going head to head, but imagine the conversation when people meet for the first time or family that never get to spend time with other member of the family.

Why have a table plan?

Having a table plan for your wedding day means everyone is gets a seat, most likely beside people they know. The last thing you want is tables with 15 guests while others are half empty. It also means your family and close friends are sitting where you want them.

Plan in advance

  1. Decide on your guest list in advance (you might have this done for your invitations)
  2. Get a room layout from your wedding reception early on (you need to know..table sizes, number. of seats etc)
  3. Set your RSVP date at least 3-4 week before the wedding date
  4. Go through the list and check everyone is accounted for and get confirmed answers from everyone, follow up with a call if you need to
  5. Decide if you want round tables or long ones, and whether or not you’re having a top table or if you’ll be sitting among your guests
  6. Keep communication with your venue open and clear – when they need the table plan by, what to do if there are any last minute drop-outs, do you pay for the names on the table plan and what if you have last minute add ons.

Samples of some of our printed table plan designs.

Tips to get it right

  1. Keep the number of people involved in the actual table planning to a minimum – if possible just the two of you.
  2. Group people together that clearly will get on/should be seated together.
  3. The tables closest to the top table should be for your family and close friends.
  4. Don’t leave all the single guests on their own at a table, try and mix them in with their natural groups.
  5. Be mindful of guests with specific needs If you’ve got guests with a disability, those who are pregnant, or older guests, whether they need to be at a table end, have access to a bathroom etc.

Hope this will help with your wedding table planning.


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