Wedding Trends 2019

Wedding invitations is one of the many wedding-related tasks you’ll need to arrange. This is the first impression that your soon-to-be guests will get of your wedding style, so you really want yours to reflect your style and personality. I’ve had a look at what are the biggest 2019 wedding invitation trends to help you make the process go a lot smoother.

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Geometric designs are already a big 2019 wedding trend not just for invitations but for decor and cakes. This style is great for minimalists. Adding a few shapes, or floral designs to a bold border your wedding invitations will really stand out.


Tropical plants and greenery are to make an impact in 2019. Don’t worry, flowers aren’t going away, but a more botanical, leaf-heavy look is what people are going for. 

Floral wreaths

If you are a fans of florals on wedding invitations, give your stationery a modern twist by using floral hoops or wreaths instead. These look absolutely stunning when wrapped around text on the font of your invitation or inside around the wording. 


Rose gold, yellow gold and silver are still going are super popular in 2019. You can go with a font, graphic element like a border or go all out and make your entire invitations shine. This trend is loved by many, but currently in Ireland they can be quite expensive.

Dark Shades

This is a new trend coming out, couples are getting away from the light shades and want a more moody dark shape instead. Dark colours and rich tones are going to be popular in the world of wedding invitations, so think about going with a black, burgundy or navy invitation. This trend looks great with foiling and geometrics, so think about bringing all three trends into one design.

I hope you found this helpful if you still have yet to decide on your wedding invitation style. If you need more inspiration hit the link below or visit the gallery to see samples of my work.

See more samples like these on my Pinterest page below:

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