Winter Wedding Inspiration

Choosing the perfect winter wedding invitations can be a tricky one. Do you go for subtle winter illustrations like snowflakes, string lights, festive foliage and wreaths to lovely luxe details like gold foil and custom designs, there is so many choices when it comes to winter wedding stationery. I’ve put together some of the best I’ve seen plus ideas and tips on how to use this time of year as a feature of your wedding.


Winter Wedding Stationery

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Tips and Ideas for a Winter Wedding

1. Go for a strong colour palette

At this time of year we can get away with using the strong colours we love. Add some richness with bold reds, vibrant purples and strong blues.

2. Embrace the weather

It’s time to think of comfort and warmth at this time of year so get rid of the satin pj’s and robes and get the comfy winter pj’s on, get outside and have some fun.

3. Ditch the dress

If a dress is just not for you or you want to make a statement then go for a Jumpsuit on your wedding day instead, I’m a fan!

4. Have some hot chocolate and mulled wine at the reception instead of champagne.

This is such a lovely idea, have a little table set up as your guests arrive so they can heat up after coming in from the cold.

5. Go all white

White can be wonderful at any time of year but there is something about it being used during winter that makes it so elegant.

6. Add some personality to your day

I love this so much! I think this year we have seen a few brides experimenting with clothes on their wedding day, some with stunning matching jumpers other using beautiful matching long coats. This idea doesn’t need to be expensive or even last the day, get a few photos taken with your bridal party and have the memories forever.

7. Update the menu

Try something different. Add some Mince Pies or Christmas Pud to the menu, even think about some good old Irish Stew as a main.

8. Keep warm

How amazing would your photos look and you will be warm when your standing ages for photos, win win!

9. Enjoy it!

Over everything else just enjoy the day and whatever it may bring!

All Images are from Pinterest

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If you seen anything you liked or want to discuss your winter wedding stationery ideas then please do get in touch with me here to bring your ideas to life.

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